6 complex exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles and strengthen the abdominal muscles

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Sculpting the abdominal muscles to define and visualize them is certainly a complex process, but of course not impossible.. The main problem is that there is no local way to burn fat and the belly area is not the most graceful. In fact, it is perhaps the part of the body where the results can be more than a plea.

Therefore, if we have excess abdominal fat, the first thing to keep in mind is that we are talking about an endurance race, so consistency and adherence are important. For diet and exercise. Because they are the main factors for us to achieve our goal. There is no other way to show abs: a caloric deficit in the diet and an overgrowth of the abdomen are essential.

But in addition, we also need to consider two aspects that we rarely notice: rest and stress. The reason is that both sleep deprivation and poor stress management both increase inflammation and cortisol, which promote abdominal fat accumulation, so the importance of these two factors in the equation should not be underestimated.

Routine determination of abs

So we share, courtesy Ruben Garcia, fitness expert and personal trainer, a complete program of physical exercises focused on the abdominals, with which you can work with the rectus abdominals, toothed anterior, oblique and transverse muscles, ensuring a strong core. Although, as we mentioned earlier, performing specific exercises in this area is not a guarantee of success if you don’t take other factors into account.

6 compound exercises to show off your six pack

  • Shrugs + raises
  • Plank touching the shoulders
  • Side shrugs + Twist
  • Side shift + climbing
  • Breakdancer in 4 times
  • Hip joint flexion (hands at knee level)

circuit dynamics

Warming up before training

  • Working time: 30-45 seconds for each exercise
  • Recovery time: 15 seconds between exercises
  • Number of rounds: 3-4
  • Rest time between rounds: 1 or 2 minutes.

The main reason for focusing on landscaping and enhancing the site, apart from aesthetic considerations, is Health. And it is, contrary to appearances, a well-functioning core reduces the risk of injury, prevents back pain, neck and shoulder pain, improves coordination, balance, flexibility, and facilitates breathing by improving posture hygiene, protects internal organs or allows you to perform daily tasks of all kinds requiring movements, such as: lean over or turn around.