Best Fruit Combinations to Infuse Your Water

Best Fruit Combinations to Infuse Your Water

Sometimes, you just get tired of drinking plain water. This summer, stay hydrated and enjoy your water by using these fruit combinations to change-up flavors. Keep a jug of it in your fridge so you’ll always have access to ice, cold, fruity water.

Strawberries and Limes

Strawberries give a sweet fragrance to your water, while the lime keeps it from becoming too sweet. Dice up strawberries and throw a few wedges of lime into a pitcher for the perfect summer drink.

Cucumbers and Lemons

Looking for something fresh after a walk in the hot sun? Try infusing your water with cucumber slices and lemon wedges. Nothing says “refreshing” like the taste of this fruit combo. (And yes, cucumber is technically a fruit!) 

Lemons and Limes

Lemons are a bit sweeter than lime, so adding both into your water still gives you that slightly tangy taste without being overly sour. Be sure to wash the outside of any fruit before plunging it into your water. Or, squeeze the juices directly into your pitcher, and throw away the rinds.

Cucumbers and Oranges

If you’re looking for a refreshing infusion that isn’t quite as sour, try cucumbers and oranges. Oranges are sweeter than lemons, plus, you can even eat the orange wedges at the end for some Vitamin C.

Star fruit and Apples

Looking for an exotic taste? Cut some star fruit and apples and add the chunks to a pitcher of water. The star fruit has a milder taste compared to the apple, but mixed with cold water, the two complement each other well.

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