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Best Warm, but Not Humid Destinations

Best Warm, but Not Humid Destinations

Summer is finally here, but in many parts of the world, those long summer days bring with them hot, undesirable humidity. Nothing is more annoying than going out in a cute dress and sweating your makeup off.

This summer, consider visiting somewhere that’s warm but not unbearably humid. Here are the top places to travel for that proverbial “dry heat.”

San Diego, California

With a yearly average temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit, San Diego is a beautiful beach haven. You can surf, swim, laze out in the sand, or sit at any of the outdoor restaurants and enjoy the dry sunshine. Mingle with the locals and get to know the true meaning of a California beach life.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is a beautiful city with great weather in the summertime. It doesn’t get a lot of rain, there’s low humidity, and average temperatures never exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Spend your time enjoying the beautiful architecture and local food markets, or take a hike in the mountains to really soak in those blue skies.

El Paso, Texas

Right on the Mexican border, El Paso lets you enjoy warm weather, low humidity (34% on average), and lots of outdoor space to do activities in the sun. Nearby Franklin Mountains State Park is a great place to venture for a taste of wilderness if you tire of city life.

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is Europe’s most underrated city. With great food, great beer, and friendly people, the Belgian capital is also a great summer destination with little humidity. And you can easily head out into the Belgian countryside from Brussels just by taking a local train. There are also plenty of parks in the city for picnics and lazy afternoons in the sun.

Denver, Colorado

Head to the Mile-High City nestled in the Rocky Mountains for hot, dry days and cool, chilly nights. It’s a sporty city, so you can meet lots of local bikers, hikers, paddle-boarders, sailors, and lakeside dwellers. After a tiring day of outdoor activity, head to a pub for some local Colorado brews.

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