Can you get a six pack that stops the heart in 4 weeks? Yes, we will tell you how

six pack


Four weeks. This brand is not for everyone, but a challenge is possible. Of course, the better the base you have, the faster you will achieve your goal and the longer the effect will last. Yes, you can get a six pack that stops the heart.

But you have to work. So get to work. to doWhat are the best exercises for abdominal muscles?? “First and foremost, you should consider feedingis one of the most important factors in determining the abdominal area. Among the most complete exercises is the abdominal HIIT that helps us burn localized fatin high-intensity exercises, it is also important to divide the abdominal work into upper, lower and oblique “, Antonio Angel, CEO Radical Trainer.

The best exercises for working on the abs

  • For the upper abdomen, emphasize the V-abs or the feet on the bar.
  • For lower abdominals, vertical scissors or mountain crunches.
  • In the case of oblique ones, we have a side board.

You can have a six pack of a heart attack in 4 weeks

It is possible as long as our physical condition is very fit and the body is already working, for a person with a lot of fat or a sedentary lifestyle it would be virtually impossible to have a six pack in 4 weeks.

Obliques, do they exist or are they legend?

There are, but few focus on working in this area, all the muscles in our body are important and function. It is not only aesthetic. To mark the obliques, it’s important to stay focused proper diet and work this area as a different muscle group.

What muscles should we strengthen to strengthen the abdominal muscles?

Belly, of course, but also when we work leg or other muscle groups, during different repetitions, the abdomen acts as the second muscle group, so it helps favor the work of marking and the growth of this area in the background.

Work on abs with or without weight

Depending on the exercise we will use the weight or not, we can design a routine in which weight such as rope crunch with rope and bar feet without weight. If we are starting our routine and training plan, the ideal solution is to do it with your body weight and gradually move to weight training.