Exercising at Home with Resistance Bands

You’re indoors, practicing good social distancing and avoiding public places. But after a few days, you start to get cabin fever. The gyms are closed, you can’t go out for a walk, and surprisingly, you’re feeling separation anxiety from the treadmill. If you happen to have some resistance bands at home, they can help you work up a sweat and release some extra energy. No need to leave the house or engage with others. Here are some favorite band exercises you can do at home. 

Core Workouts

Bump up your planks and push-ups with some resistance bands. Put one around your ankle and keep the tension as you hold your plank. To work your glutes, you can try doing leg raises while planking. Other core workouts like the bridge pose can benefit from a band just above your knees. Hold the pose while also keeping tension on the band. Move your hips up and down and remember to pull your belly button toward your spine.

Lower Body

Put a band just above your ankles while you do squats and walking squats. Remember to tuck your hips in and keep that belly button as close to your spine as possible. You can also do lunges by stepping on the resistance band with your front foot and grabbing the other end with your hand. Stay in one place, plant your feet and lower your body into the ground.

Upper Body

Depending on the resistance bands that you have, you can either work your arms, back or lats by pulling the bands open with your hands or tying the band to a stationary pole. This exercise is great even for people who are in shape as it keeps your neck and back strong.

Remind yourself that this will all pass soon. Eventually, the pandemic will subside and you’ll be able to resume life on the outside.

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