Find out how to get rid of bad foot odor with natural ingredients


There are natural solutions to avoid bad odor.

Bad foot odor is caused by moisture accumulated in shoes or socks, which makes it impossible to remove the bacterial decomposition accumulated in these clothes.

Its scientific name is “Podobromhidroza” and it has been found to have more severe psychosocial consequences in women than in men.

How to control the smell

Bicarbonate of soda: The application of sodium bicarbonate covers the disappearance of odors. It can be sprinkled on the shoes as if it were talcum powder, or the feet can be soaked in warm water and 3 tablespoons of this white powder in a container for 40 minutes.

ginger: It has beneficial effects on the feet and which serve to gradually eliminate bad odors. To do this, it is recommended to mix half a liter of water and enough bark to cook for 15 minutes.

The resulting liquid will be used to gently massage your feet before bed.

black tea: Its properties are used for the body in the form of infusions, but applied as a remedy against foot odor, gives positive results.

Heat the water and add 4 packets of black tea, then transfer it to a large container where the legs fit, let it rest and warm the water before placing the legs for 30 minutes. (F)