Five 90’s Digital Games to Play During the Lockdown

Are you bored at home after having exhausted all the apps and video games of the 21st century, in 1 month? Then, let us take you back in time to indulge in some of the most addicting games of the late 20th century. 


The Snood puzzle consists of 6 different types of alien heads all jammed together on the screen. You’re given a canon that pumps out individual heads. The goal is to shoot down the Snood heads 3 or more at a time. Bonus points if you bring down other types of Snood heads with your shot. Beware, this game is highly addictive. In fact, there’s a timer on the game that allows you to shut it down at your pre-set breaking point. You read that right, the time governor is built-in to the game!


This is a logic game that any ‘90s kid will remember playing. You’re first presented with a screen full of square boxes. The first click opens up all the boxes that are empty. Your job is to open the rest of the boxes but remember, there are hidden mines all over. For each subsequent box you open, a number will appear (1, 2, or 3), which indicates the number of mines that the box is touching. If you do happen to click on a box with a mine, then it’s game over. This is yet another highly addictive game.

Sim Earth

This game allows you to build your own planet. You get the option of choosing a random planet or choosing a pre-made one – Daisy planet, Water world, Mars, Venus, and Ice planet. The timer starts at the formation of the planet from a ball of molten lava to land and oceans forming. You can also choose different times to start to play, for example starting during the Industrial Age. The goal of the game is to have the organisms on your planet evolve to be technologically advanced enough to leave the planet.

Oregon Trail

Ever wonder what it was like to travel on the Oregon trail? Play this game to find out. You’ll get to hunt deer, catch dysentery, break a wagon wheel and have to fix it, barter and trade with the people you meet along the way. Not all members of the party will make it, unfortunately, but that’s just life on the Oregon Trail.  

Prince of Persia

Looking for something darker than Mario? Try Prince of Persia. The goal of the game is to save the princess, but the obstacles you’ll face are much cooler than turtles and Venus flytraps. As the Prince of Persia, you’ll need to avoid iron spikes, blades that will chop you in half, enemies to fight and an assortment of other obstacles and booby traps. There is a modern version of this game that can be played on a Wii, but since you’re in lockdown, why not try the vintage version?

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