Most Beautiful Scenery In Japan

Most Beautiful Scenery In Japan

From ancient temples, to castles, to mountains, to parks, the scenery of Japan is truly a treat for the eyes. Here are the top 5 places every photo-snapping tourist should visit on their trip to Japan.

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is the perfect backdrop for any trip photograph, morning, noon, or night. With its snow-capped peaks and majestic height, you will truly be in awe of its gobsmacking beauty. Whether you’re taking a selfie or a professional wedding shoot, a Mount Fuji background will instantly make your picture more captivating.

Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park

We’re not monkeying around about this public park, which is is home to Japan’s unique snow monkeys. These red-faced primates love to lounge around Jigokudani’s hot springs and can often be found with ice hanging from their fur.

Kenrokuen Garden

This garden in Kanazawa is full of history, flaunting Japan’s most ancient fountain, a traditional teahouse and countless quaint bridges and statues from hundreds of years ago. Restored in 1774, Kenrokuen is like stepping back in time to another land.

Matsumoto Castle

Matsumoto is not a western-style castle with stone walls and steep battlements. This palace from 1504 is a Japanese-style castle, featuring several tiers of slanted roofing and a defense system made from a moat, a gatehouse, and a complex series of inner walls. No hiking is required to view this water-level castle that sits close to shore on a lake.

The Blue Pond in Hokkaido

This beautiful but eery pond is actually a manmade body of water, formed by a damn that was constructed to stop the mudflow from a nearby active volcano. The water gets its bright blue hue from aluminum and other impurities. Though the color changes depending on the weather, on a still day, it’s like looking into a giant blue mirror.

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