Muscular arms: 6 basic exercises for big biceps and triceps

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More and more people are in favor of giving strength training the importance it deserveswhich has historically been associated with a more aesthetic approach and its importance to health has been underestimated. But the truth is that in recent times, a great deal of scientific evidence has changed the perception that muscle development is a matter of image.

This is it during strength training and muscle building we improve our bones and functional health by anticipating problems such as sarcopenia and osteoporosis. In addition, we promote the improvement of aspects such as balance, coordination and mobility, as well as ensure the caloric balance necessary to maintain a healthy weight and prevent metabolic diseases that have significant consequences for our well-being.

But if we were to convince someone with a devastating argument about the importance of preserving and developing muscle mass, we would simply say that it slows down aging and extends our life. Which is not small.

Indeed, building muscle mass is a slow and costly process in which many factors intervene. In achieving the goal, the subject’s prior experience, diet, rest, total training volume (amount), energized time, and mechanical or exercise intensity should be taken into account.

biceps and triceps exercises

In the same way, it is convenient to exercise all the muscles of the body without exception, although in this case we have a complete routine, courtesy of Ruben Garcia, fitness expert and personal trainer, focused on gaining strong arms.

Muscular arms: 6 basic exercises

  • Dumbbell extension
  • Alternate spider curls
  • Curl Bar
  • Extension of the Z Bar
  • Hammer Curl
  • Triceps bench

dynamics of training

  • Warm up before starting your workout.
  • Work per exercise: 10-12 repetitions
  • Rest between exercises: 45 seconds or 1 minute.
  • 3 or 4 rounds

Finally, if you want to maximize the effects of arm training, you have to take into account some fairly recurring bugs. For example, you should avoid moving your elbow, lifting your arms, or bending your wrists. In addition, it is important that you complete your range of motion (ROM) well, focus and not mechanically lift or do too much work.

Remember this it’s important to look for progression. The development of muscle mass is not instantaneous, so you need to be constant and try to follow your training, choosing the exercises and procedures that best suit your circumstances and that you like the most. The result is only a matter of time. But it will come.