Different Ways to Prepare Your Veggies

If you’ve never considered yourself a “vegetable person,” there might be a scientific reason; a recent study showed that certain groups of people are more sensitive to the bitter taste of veggies. But our green friends are packed with antioxidants and nutrients, so even if you have hyper-sensitive tastebuds, the key to adding veggies into

How Does Pasta Shape Affect Taste?

You go to the grocery store with your partner and find yourselves standing in the pasta aisle, trying to figure out which type of pasta to get. You love traditional spaghetti. Your partner prefers penne. But the $64-million-question is, “Do different-shaped pasta actually taste different?” There are some obvious factors that will affect a pasta’s

5 Very Different Ways of Preparing Potatoes

The potato originated in South America, but European explorers found the root so delicious and versatile that they just had to bring some back to the Old World. The easy-to-grow root vegetable became an instant staple in the diets of many peasants (sometimes to their detriment, see: The Irish Potato Famine). In any event, you

What’s the Difference between a Dietician and a Nutritionist?

The words “dietician” and “nutritionist” are often used interchangeably, but there is a legal difference between them. To become either, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in nutrition. If you end up simply supporting and educating people about food health, then you can use the title of a nutritionist. By contrast, to officially and legally be

5 of the Best Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga may seem like a soft sport, something that women-who-brunch do on a lazy Sunday afternoon at a high-end gym. But yoga didn’t get its origins on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, it actually originated thousands of years ago, in what is now Northern India. Today, it’s practiced all over the world as a

Why Sleep May Be the Most Important Thing for your Health

Life is a bit like a role-playing game (RPG), the computer games where you have to complete quests, collect gold and fight dragons. To fully regain your health points in an RPG, you must find an inn and sleep. The same concept applies in real life. Sleep and the Brain Sleep allows your brain to

The Vitamin Alphabet, What Do These Lettered Vitamins Do for You?

Vitamins are micronutrients. That means that your body only needs a small amount of any given vitamin to function properly. Still, if you’re not getting that small requisite amount of one or more vitamins, your health could face dire consequences. Keep reading to learn about different vitamins, how each one assists your body, and how

Best Meals for a Hot Summer Day

Hot weather is the best time to bring out refreshing, cold dishes to enjoy in al fresco. Of course, you want to spend as much time as possible outside, so we’ve come up with 5 easy meals that take very little prep time.  Macaroni Coleslaw Make coleslaw more filling by adding some macaroni to it.

Weight vs. Reps, Which Matters More?

If you’re looking to build muscle and get lean, you might find that bodybuilding websites and fitness experts offer conflicting advice. Some sources suggest using heavier weights, while others recommend doing more reps. So which method is more effective at building muscle? Let’s take a look at the science of getting fit! Weights Muscles grow

Typical Breakfast Meals from Around the World

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that’s true all around the world. Cultures across the globe have used the ingredients available to them to come up with some truly delicious morning meals. Let’s take a look at how various parts of the world enjoy breakfast. Vegemite – Australia