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Suspension training: 8 exercises with TRX to strengthen the upper body

Who else, who is least familiar with TRXwhich is nothing more than training system based on performing exercises in suspension in which the body weight itself is used for the work of various muscle groups and which has recently attracted a lot of attention.

As is obvious it is necessary to have the device which allows us to do the exercises, and this usually involves a durable and adjustable nylon strap with an attachment point and supports for the feet and hands. One of the main advantages of this system is that it can be used anywhere and by anyone due to its ease of transport.

Aside from the benefits at the usage level, the truth is that this type of training has significant health benefits as well. It is not in vain that it improves and tones all parts of the body muscles thanks to a wide range of exercises, helps to strengthen the abdomen and lower back, its versatility allows it to be adapted to any level of physical condition and supports the resistance of the cardiovascular system through dynamic exercises. Not to mention of course, it also helps you burn fat and maintain a healthy weight.

Routine with TRX

Thus, we share the intense routine invented by Ruben Garcia, a fitness expert and personal trainer who, in this case, focuses on the muscle groups of the upper body without losing sight of the core. In this way, we can exercise the arms, chest, shoulders, back and even the abdominal muscles with a series of complete exercises that, in some cases, will allow us to activate several muscles at the same time.

8 basic TRX exercises

  • pulling the face
  • push-ups
  • Rowing + rolling
  • Rowing + one-sided spin
  • extension of the triceps
  • Rear + Front Raise
  • plot twists
  • Back row

dynamics of training

  • Warm up before starting the wreckage
  • Work per exercise: 30s / 10-12 repetitions
  • Rest between exercises: 30-45 seconds
  • Number of sets: 3-4
  • Rest between sets: 1-2 minutes

Additionally, it is a functional training that can be used in: regenerative and rehabilitation processes, has little effect, thus reducing the risk of injury and is very useful as it affects the stabilizing muscles carnal. Likewise, by focusing on your lower back and abdominal area with TRX exercises you can prevent and soothe back and back pain,. Benefits everywhere.

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