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Top 5 Beaches with Colored Sand

Tired of boring white beaches with boring sand? Yeah, we are too. So we went hunting for some of the coolest, most colorful beaches around the world. Keep reading to find out which ones made our top 5 list! Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda – Pink Beach Usually, people think that sand is made out of broken

Mexico’s Hidden Gems

If you’re spending your Mexican getaway in packed crowds with other tourists, or standing in endless lines, you’re not really “getting away” from much. It might be worth your time and money to explore some of the country’s beautiful hidden gems, where you can truly veer off the beaten path. Keep reading for some of

You Can Get Paid to Live in Alaska, Here Are 4 Other Benefits

There’s no denying it. Some states are better than others. Alaska, for example, is great if you’re into the wilderness, free fish, and cold weather. Oh, and lots of benefits from oil money. What? Yes, you read that right. Keep reading to find out the perks of living in Alaska. Monthly Payout of About $2000