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The Best Cultural Festivals from around the World

It might be a while before we’re allowed to gather in large groups for an event like a cultural festival. But the world will eventually return to normalcy, and when it does, here are some of the most outstanding festivals you should consider attending. Festival of Colors – India The Hindu tradition of Holi is

Which International Destinations are Reopening First?

Are you dying to travel internationally again? As the coronavirus pandemic slows down, many countries are starting to open up their borders to tourists again. If you had summer plans to travel, then you’ll want to keep reading to see which destinations are reopening. Greece Greece wasn’t hit too hard by the coronavirus thanks to

Best Beaches in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its rainforest, friendly people, and gorgeous sands. Make sure to check out these beaches if you plan to travel to the tropical Central American country. Jacó Jacó is a small beach town on the Pacific side of Costa Rica, known for its surfing, nightlife, and access to national parks. Enjoy

The World’s Greatest Waterfalls

Waterfalls are a majestic display of nature, combining the powers of water and gravity. It’s no wonder travelers often plan entire trips around them. Let’s take a look at some of the world’s greatest waterfalls. You might just want to visit them all. Niagara Falls This astounding natural beauty is actually a collection of three

Best Warm, but Not Humid Destinations

Summer is finally here, but in many parts of the world, those long summer days bring with them hot, undesirable humidity. Nothing is more annoying than going out in a cute dress and sweating your makeup off. This summer, consider visiting somewhere that’s warm but not unbearably humid. Here are the top places to travel

Best Places to Swim with Dolphins

Viewing dolphins in an aquarium can be nice, but have you ever dreamt of swimming alongside the majestic mammal? It’s a surreal experience to mingle with these marine beauties, especially in their natural habitat. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best places to spot or swim with dolphins. Dolphin Cove, Jamaica Head

Best Surf Destinations Around the Globe

Looking to ride some waves after travel restrictions are lifted? To celebrate the return of international travel, here are some of the best surf destinations around the globe. Make sure to book early, plan thoroughly, and don’t forget to bring your waterproof camera! Jeffreys Bay, South Africa Jeffreys Bay is a small town on the

You Can Get Paid to Live in Alaska, Here Are 4 Other Benefits

There’s no denying it. Some states are better than others. Alaska, for example, is great if you’re into the wilderness, free fish, and cold weather. Oh, and lots of benefits from oil money. What? Yes, you read that right. Keep reading to find out the perks of living in Alaska. Monthly Payout of About $2000

Top 5 Vegan Protein Sources

Animal products contain all the essential amino acids our bodies need to build protein. Most plants, unfortunately, are missing one or two of these building blocks. To make sure that your vegan diet is complete, you’ll want to add one or more of the following items into your everyday meals.  Soy-based products Soybeans, tofu, and

The Benefits of Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds might be your snack of choice for baseball games (good choice, by the way). But did you know that aside from their deliciousness, sunflower seeds are chocked-full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients? Let’s take a look at the health benefits of these seeds. Lots of Healthy Fats Sunflower seeds are full of mono