5 of the Best Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga may seem like a soft sport, something that women-who-brunch do on a lazy Sunday afternoon at a high-end gym. But yoga didn’t get its origins on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, it actually originated thousands of years ago, in what is now Northern India. Today, it’s practiced all over the world as a

The Vitamin Alphabet, What Do These Lettered Vitamins Do for You?

Vitamins are micronutrients. That means that your body only needs a small amount of any given vitamin to function properly. Still, if you’re not getting that small requisite amount of one or more vitamins, your health could face dire consequences. Keep reading to learn about different vitamins, how each one assists your body, and how

Fruits You Thought Were Vegetables

When you think about fruits, what comes to mind? Apples? Pears? Grapes? It may surprise you that many of the ‘vegetables’ we eat are actually, by technical standards, fruits! Fruits are designated not by the virtue of being sweet and juicy, but rather by their seeds. Broccoli and kale are veggies, sure, but anything with

Exercising at Home with Resistance Bands

You’re indoors, practicing good social distancing and avoiding public places. But after a few days, you start to get cabin fever. The gyms are closed, you can’t go out for a walk, and surprisingly, you’re feeling separation anxiety from the treadmill. If you happen to have some resistance bands at home, they can help you