These are the mistakes you make when brushing your teeth


What are the determining factors when it comes to good cleaning of the oral cavity.

Good oral health is a key pillar of both daily living and daily work. However, according to Tiiz experts, brushing your teeth well every day is not enough to achieve good results.

80% of the Spanish population has inadequate oral hygiene. This is shown by a study conducted by the General Council of the Official Colleges of Pharmacists, in which respondents were asked about their habits of cleaning the oral cavity.

97.5% of the participants stated that they do not brush their teeth daily and their cleaning routines were not always the most appropriate.

“Although there are currently many formulas for repairing or replacing damaged teeth with great efficiency, there is nothing more comfortable and healthier than being able to enjoy your natural teeth for many years to come,” explains Miguel Gallardo. director of the Tiiz clinic.

The most common mistakes when brushing teeth

He doesn’t spend enough time The cleaning of the oral cavity should last at least two minutes. “If the cleaning is done correctly, you will not need to brush your teeth more than twice a day (morning and evening) and in any case never more than three times a day, as this can cause the opposite effect. greater sensitivity of the teeth and gums, ”explains Gallardo.

brush: Very hard brushes often damage the gums and accelerate the deterioration of tooth enamel. It is ideal to use a brush with medium hardness and to resort to soft in children under 12 years.

Choosing toothpaste: “Remember that applying more product does not guarantee greater efficiency. In fact, it is recommended to use only a ball of chickpea-sized toothpaste so that the toothbrush does not slide on the teeth without dragging the dirt, ”says Gallardo.

Rinsing. “If you rinse your mouth repeatedly after you finish brushing, the effect of the toothpaste will be reduced,” commented Tiiz. Ideal is a quick rinse, which allows components such as fluoride or chlorhexidine to do their job.