Top 5 Beaches with Colored Sand

Top 5 Beaches with Colored Sand

Tired of boring white beaches with boring sand? Yeah, we are too. So we went hunting for some of the coolest, most colorful beaches around the world. Keep reading to find out which ones made our top 5 list!

Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda – Pink Beach

Usually, people think that sand is made out of broken up pieces of rocks or minerals. Usually, they’re correct. But in Horseshoe Bay, the pink sand is due to tiny microorganisms that die and fall to the bottom of the ocean. Eventually, waves and currents push them onto the beach, turning the sand pink. If you visit Bermuda and take a close look at the sand, you’ll notice the tiny specks of pink amongst the grains of sand. 

Porto Ferro, Italy – Orange Beach

Porto Ferro is located in Sardinia, Italy. Ever wonder what a beach made from Tang looks like? Look no further than this Italian, orange beach. In actuality, it’s a mix of orange limestone and volcanic deposits. What makes this place so picturesque is the contrast of the orange sand with the blue ocean. If you visit, make sure to take lots of pictures.

Vik, Iceland – Black Beach

Vik, Iceland’s black beach is made from volcanic rocks called basalt. This is no surprise given the geothermal activities on this lone island. Located on the south side of Iceland, this beach is about 100 miles outside of Reykjavik.

Pfeiffer Beach, California – Purple/Raspberry Ice Cream Beach

The sand at Pfeiffer beach looks like someone dumped lots of raspberry ice cream everywhere. It has streaks of purple from garnet. Most of the sand is quartz, so mixing in the garnet deposits make the beach look like a swirl of melted dessert. The parts where there’s more garnet are a deeper purple than the other parts. 

Papakolea Beach, Hawaii – Green Beach

This beach is Hawaii is green due to the olivine deposits nearby. Olivine is a greenish mineral made of magnesium or iron orthosilicate. There are only a few places in the world where there’s a large enough concentration for the beaches to turn green. The others are located in the Galapagos, Guam, and Norway. 

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