Top 5 Core Exercises for Your At-Home Workout

Are you still waiting for your gym to reopen? Or did it open up, only to shut down weeks later? Well, there’s no point in sitting around at home, watching your former six-pack bloat into a one-pack. Try out these 5 core exercises at home so that when your gym finally opens for good, you’ll still be in shape.


Planks, and all their variations (side planks, plank twists, etc.) are some of the easiest and most effective ways to get a rock-solid core. When we say “easy,” we mean that there’s no equipment necessary. Simply get into a plank position and set the timer. Start with a realistic goal, like holding yourself in the position for a minute. As you get stronger, you can start increasing the time and trying some of the other variations.


Got a yoga mat or rug lying around? Then head to YouTube for a yoga class! Even if you don’t know anything about yoga, these instructional videos will talk you through every move. To get the full experience of a gym-style yoga class, turn on some soft spa music, light an aromatherapy candle and dim the lights. 

Leg Bridge

Leg bridges are great for people who sit for a long time at their desks. Since many people are now working remotely, this is a great way to combat all the sitting we’re doing, both at “work” and after work when we watch TV. Leg bridges allow you to stretch your legs, which is probably missing in your new, sedentary life. So get on the floor with a towel and do several sets of leg bridges throughout the day.


Pilates is actually based on several forms of physical therapy. If you have an injury, ask your doctor if it’s okay for you to try pilates. Like yoga, you can do pilates on the floor. Even if you have no injury, Pilates is an excellent way to build core strength and flexibility. The best part is that it’s a low impact exercise so you won’t have to worry about adding stress to your joints.

Leg Lifts

Are you lying around the house watching TV all day? Then throw some leg lifts in during the commercial breaks or the boring part of the movie. Be sure to tuck in your tummy, pull your belly button towards your spine, and make sure your lower back is touching the floor. Of course, safety is always key in any exercise. While leg lifts seem easy, using the incorrect form can lead to lower back pain or injuries.

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