What is the main reason why ultra-processed foods should be eliminated from your diet?

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Unfortunately ultra-processed foods made their way to supermarket shelves and our pantries to stay. Whether it’s for taste, economic considerations, or the consistency of a lifestyle that rarely allows us to take a break from our culinary skills, the truth is that they’re an easy and repeatable solution.

But we must remember what we are talking about industrial preparations made of substances derived from other food including long letters Accessories (preservatives, dyes, sweeteners or flavor enhancers), ex very little nutritional valuewhich have rich content in fat, sugar or salt and provide, of course, huge amount of calories.

In fact, a study by the US National Institute of Diabetes, Gastrointestinal and Kidney Diseases, published in the prestigious journal “Cell Metabolism”it shows that Regular consumption of highly processed foods causes significant weight gain and increases the risk of certain diseases both metabolic and cardiovascular.

In particular, a US study found that people whose diets were based on highly processed foods consumed an average of 500 calories more compared to the control group, and weight gain was 1 kilogram, exactly the amount lost by those who ate when examining minimally processed foods. This is to say the difference between following one or the other diet was two kilograms in just two weeks.

Putting on weight … and risking death

But aside from the weight problem, which of course has important implications, recent research, published in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”assures, that People who abuse highly processed foods have a 26 percent increased risk of dying from any cause and a 58 percent increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Researchers from the Department of Epidemiology and Prevention IRCCS Neuromed (Italy) took into account data from over 22,000 peoplewhose eating habits, based on the international NOVA classification, and health status were analyzed for over Eight years.

“People who eat large amounts of these foods have a higher risk of dying from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.” explains Augusto Di Castelnuovo, one of those responsible for the studythat delves into possible causes that turn highly processed foods into a real time bomb.

“According to our analysis excess sugar plays a role, but only represents a 40% increased risk of death. One of our hypotheses is the important role it plays in the equation industrial processing itselfcapable of inducing profound changes in the structure and composition of nutrients, ”concludes the expert.