You Can Get Paid to Live in Alaska, Here Are 4 Other Benefits

There’s no denying it. Some states are better than others. Alaska, for example, is great if you’re into the wilderness, free fish, and cold weather. Oh, and lots of benefits from oil money. What? Yes, you read that right. Keep reading to find out the perks of living in Alaska.

Monthly Payout of About $2000

Residents of Alaska get a payout each month of about $2,000. This is due to the oil industry there and it’s only right that the residents see a piece of that yummy oil money. Politicians such as Andrew Yang have mentioned this monthly payout and said that the rest of the country should do the same. Except instead of having oil companies fund this monthly income, Yang was looking to companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google to foot the bill.

No State Sales Tax

Because of the money coming from oil, there is no state sales tax in Alaska. 

No Income Tax

The same goes for income tax. So yes, you get paid for just living there and if you do actually have a job, you won’t have to pay income tax. Not bad.

Daily Overtime Rate

Instead of a weekly overtime rate, you’ll get paid a daily overtime rate. That means that any day you work more than 8 hours a day, you’ll be paid time and a half.

Lots of Jobs, Seasonal and Permanent

Speaking of salaries and jobs, did you know that there are plenty of seasonal and permanent jobs in Alaska? If you get a seasonal job, the state will even fly you there and back for the season and you can pay them back later on.

Maybe all these perks have convinced you that you are, after all, a cold-weather person. Or maybe you were already convinced before this list thanks to the beautiful scenery. To sweeten the pot a bit more, Alaska currently still has no cases of COVID-19. And did I mention… free fish?

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